Customer Driven Transformation

About the book

Market leading businesses have seen the value of what we’ve referred to throughout this book as ‘design thinking’, and of changing their organisation by first reimagining the products and services they should deliver and then reorganising with the goal to deliver them, what we call ‘design-led change’.

Customer-Driven Transformation shows you how to use design thinking as a driver for organisational change, translating your vision into services that will delight customers.

With this book, the authors show you how to instil an outside-in approach to strategy; moving away from management that's technology, marketing or resource optimization-led, to one that is customer-inspired and experimental with innovation. This book is a practical guide to leading a transformational programme within businesses using design thinking to change how services are created and ensuring everything is beautifully designed, elegant in use and brilliant in customer mindedness.

With contributions from leaders who have used design thinking to lead change in businesses like E.ON Energy, Bupa, Dubai Airports and the Hyundai Motor Company, Customer-Driven Transformation will give you the language and tools to take control of the design of the services you operate and customer experience and in doing so change your organisation. This is a ground-breaking book on one of the hottest management fields, and is inspiring content for any business leader who wants to understand how to reinvent their value proposition to gain market share and win customers.



Part 1: The Challenges

Chapter 1: The Challenge of Outside-In
Chapter 2: The Challenge of Vision
Chapter 3: The Challenge of Fast and Slow
Chapter 4: The Challenge of Emotion
Chapter 5: The Challenge of Distinctiveness
Chapter 6: The Challenge of Change

Part 2: The Skills

Chapter 7: Create a Compelling Vision
Chapter 8: Design Your Service Beautifully
Chapter 9: Develop a Clear Value Case
Chapter 10: Make it Ready to Build
Chapter 11: Create the Right Conditions
Chapter 12: Run Engaging Projects
Chapter 13: Think Like a Designer